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Direct Print Modules: In line coding for flexible packaging

Carl Valentin Dynacode & Dynacode II:

The Dynacode is a thermal transfer direct printing systems designed for applications in the food industry, confectionery industry, pharmaceuticals industry or the hardware industry. Most commonly used in marking of flexible foil packaging or boxes. The Dynacode’s easy to change ribbon cassette, separate control unit and easy installation in vertical or horizontal packaging systems makes this one of the best out there. With a print resolution of 300 dpi, printing of graphics and company logos is no problem, and with a print speed of up to 800 mm/s virtually all customer desires can be satisfied.

Dynacode Data Sheet


The Dynacode II is nothing other than the logical continuation of a success story. With it’s flexibility: mode, speed, print resolution and installation position, there are no limits when it comes to the wishes and needs of our customers. With the Dynacode II there are two print modes, Continuous and Intermittent. When printing in the continuous mode the printhead stands still while the packaging foil is guided through and when printing in the intermittent mode the printhead moves over the foil in order to move back to it’s initial position.

Dynacode II Data Sheet

Carl Valentin DPM III xi

DPM III xi is a high-resolution direct printing mechanism for installation in cycled packaging machines in all application areas. Suited to medical technology, pharmaceuticals industry and food industry. Thanks to its compact design, the DPM III xi can be integrated in any position in packaging machines, foil and pillow bag systems, as well as in product marking systems. The DPM III xi has different print widths and lengths which enables a printable surface of 128 x 630 mm. Applications with large-scale printing content or marking of different small products can be realised with the DMP III xi without any difficulties by using the ‘print several columns’ function.

DPM Data Sheet

Carl Valentin DPM IV:

The DPM IV is a development of the DPM IIIxi which has further developed one of the most flexible and precision thermal transfer direct printers. With identical mechanical equipment, the DPM IV is a faster version, so upgrading from the DPM IIIxi can be done with no difficulties. With a more up-to-date design, the DPM IV features a 7″ touch display that allows for intuitive manual operation of the device and a reduction of the cable connectors to just one, whilst an even higher number of cycles comes from the increased print and back speed.

DPM IV Data Sheet


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