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About Us & What we do:

We are UK Label manufacturers using Flexographic printing to produce bar code labels, Plain Labels, Colour wash labels, Custom labels, Multi coloured decorative labels, Security labels and more.

Sirius is a UK distributor for Carl Valentin GmbH, German manufacturers of thermal transfer printers and data coding technology. We supply parts, offer service contracts and repair / service thermal transfer printers and coders

We supply a range of high quality, cost effective thermal transfer ribbons, Wax ribbons, Resin, Ribbons utilising supplier links to bring you quality ribbons from Sony, DNP, Armor and Kurz.

Sirius Coding also supplies a wide range of coloured ribbons

As complimentary services & products we offer a range of barcode scanners & barcode verifiers, PDA’s & mobile computers, In house graphic design, Bureau label printing, Printhead replacement and printer servicing.

For enquiries or information please call: 01584 890 708 or email: info@siriuscodingsystems.com


We also supply ribbons compatible with all makes of thermal transfer printers & data coding systems.

Our Self adhesive labels are compatible with all the leading makes of label printers and data coding systems. Twinned with our high quality thermal transfer ribbon range brings fantastic results and excellent quality with any machines.

Common label printers that use our labels:

Toshiba BSX4, Zebra Z4m, Zebra 110Xii, Sato CL 408, Datamax prodigy, Avery Scales, Cab a4, Citzen CLP, Monarch Paxar, Meteor, Printronix, Primera, Intermec, Carl Valentin, Soabar, Homag, CFS, Holzma and many more

Sirius Coding Ltd:

UK distributors for Carl Valentin GmbH and offering printer repair, servicing, genuine spare parts & printheads

All printers are available Direct thermal or Thermal Transfer and most models offer optional wireless capability (WLAN)

Most printers come with cutter, rewind, dispensing and multiple connectivity options offering ease of installation and integration into existing systems.

Barcode Scanners:

Let us know your requirements and we can recommend a suitable scanner for your needs

Sirius Coding :

UK distributors for Carl Valentin GmbH and offering printer repair, servicing, genuine spare parts & printheads.


Label printers from Carl Valentin, printing barcodes, box end labels, medical labels, automotive, Haz Chem labelling. Can print on some textiles & synthetic labels. Uses either thermal transfer or direct thermal labels, For Barcoding and other data coding needs. Using Labelstar plus and database module allows integration with excel spreadsheets, ODBC and other mainstream databases. All Carl Valentin label printers have many options for connectivity and networking, product / label rewinding, label dispensing. Check weigh systems and more


Carl Valentin Direct Print modules for use in various applications. Can be installed in horizontal or vertical positions. Available in right or left hand versions, in a variety of widths and lengths. Uses thermal transfer ribbons for increased durability, ideal for barcoding, date marking and data coding




Part of Lynk Data Systems Ltd 

At Sirius Coding we provide self adhesive labels, ribbons, barcode printers, and the expertise to support you.
Carl Valentin Thermal Transfer Printers

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Self Adhesive Plain & Printed labels, Tickets & Tags

Barcode Scanners

Carl Valentin Print Engines & Direct Print Modules


Portable Data Devices & Portable computing

Some of our Services & Products:

Plain Labels – Self adhesive, thermal transfer or direct thermal labels on a roll

Printed Labels – Flexographic Self adhesive printed labels

Colour washed labels – Choose from a wide range of base inks or choose your own colour from the pantone range

Clear labels – Bar marked clear labels

Direct Thermal Labels – For many applications including Avery Scales

Digital labels – Labels for use in Primera LX400 / 800, VP485, Vivo, QLS, Plexo & Zeo and many other makes

In House design facility – We can design your labels for you

Barcoded labels – For long runs or high usage labels, free up your printer and save time by using flexographically printed barcode labels

Tyvek, Board & speciality materials – Working with our suppliers we can supply a wide range of substrates, 3m, Avery Denisson and many other manufacturers whether you want self adhesive cork labels for beverage manufacturers or extreme temperature labels for foundries then we will have a solution

Sirius Coding For Thermal Transfer Ribbons, Barcoding Ribbons, Printer Ribbons, Coloured Ribbons. Flat head or near edge ribbons

We supply ribbons compatible with all makes of thermal transfer printer or coder. We can supply OEM or high quality compatibles.

Thermal Transfer Printers from Sirius

Vita: Our best selling range and most recommended offering affordability & performance with basic user friendly mechanics and functionality. This is a highly versatile barcode label printer offering ideal graphics oppurtunities and logo reproduction with the 600dpi model and outstanding barcode & label printing with the 200dpi & 300dpi models

Micra: For home or office use, very reliable entry level printer. Uses 25mm core ribbons saving money on expensive 19mm TLP ribbons. Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal Printing supports all common barcodes and supports most common self adhesive labels, tickets & substrates

Pica: The 2nd generation Pica improving on proven relibiltiy, strength and performance of the old Pica whilst improving the user interface enabling ease of use

Compa: 200dpi & 300dpi models with a wide range of uses including RFID models and purpose built label applicators Prints on Textile, Carboard, Labels & Fabrics Specificall developed with the automotive industry in mind

Vario: With integral touch pad the Vario is a strong robust thermal transfer printer enabling the user to input information and data without the use of a PC great for batch counting for print qty changes and high user input in industrial environment

Spectra: Using a 32 bit Risc processor the Spectra is extremely fast at printing Ribbon save option this clever model reduces the cost of ribbons, great for batch codes, date marks, barcodes The printer only utilises the ribbon needed and not in tandem with the label potentialy saving you money





How does a bar code work?

A bar code works by stopping light reflecting: A bar code scanner reads the lasers reflection (the white background is called white space. Different combinations of bars and spaces are used to encode characters into bar codes. Differences in light and dark and the width of the elements are the variables used for encoding. The bar code reader illuminates the symbol and measures the amount of light that is reflected back. The reader determines the pattern of light and dark or wide and narrow, then compares it to the encoding table for that type of bar code (called a symbology) and decodes the symbol.

Where do I get my own Bar code for my company?

A U.P.C. and EAN bar codes are part of the EAN.UCC system, which is managed by the Uniform Code Council in the United States and EAN International in the rest of the world. Visit their Web sites for details and resources to get started with U.P.C./EAN labeling

What is better Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal?

There are two thermal printing methods commonly used to print bar codes: direct thermal and thermal transfer. Each method uses a thermal printhead that applies heat to the surface being marked. Thermal transfer printing uses a heated ribbon to produce durable, long-lasting images on a wide variety of materials. No ribbon is used in direct thermal printing, which creates the image directly on the label material. Thermal transfer printers can accept a wider variety of materials and are usually used for permanent or long-lasting labeling applications. Direct thermal printers are usually used to produce shipping labels, picking / putaway labels, receipts, and other common print jobs.

Why are direct thermal and thermal transfer the best technologies for printing bar codes?

Thermal label printers are ideal for bar code printing because they produce accurate, high-quality images with excellent edge definition. Thermal printers are engineered to print within tight tolerances and to produce the exact bar widths that successful bar code printing and scanning require. Each technology can produce one- and two-dimensional bar code symbologies, graphics and text at the same print resolutions and speeds.


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